Ticketholders can receive discounts at the following attractions.

Both the Kobe 1-day and 2-day loop bus tickets offer discounts at some of Kobe’s most popular tourist attractions.
Show your bus tickets to get benefits and discounts.

Tourist Attraction Name Benefits and Discounts
1. Weathercock House 10% off
2. Moegi house ¥50 off
3. Rhine Special offers available at stores
4. UROKO-NO-IE&UROKO MUSEUM OF ART ¥50 off admission (adult prices only)
5. Yamate Hachiban-kan
6. Kitano Foreigner's Club
7. Former Chinese Consulate
8. English House
9. Yokan nagaya (French House)
10. Ben's House
11. KOBE TrickArt
12. Kaori-no-Ie Olandakan(Former Wolhin's House) 10% off for each facility
Admission tickets are ¥1,170 for the facilities 12-14
13. Wien-Austrian House
14. Denmark House
15. Kobe City Museum Applies to group rate
16. Kobe Overseas Chinese History Museum ¥100 off
17. Kobe Maritime Museum ¥100 off for adults
¥50 off for elementary / junior high school students
18. Luminous Kobe 2 (Kobe Cruise) ¥500 off for adults
¥250 off for children
19. Kobe Concerto ¥500 off for adults
¥250 off for children
20. Kobe Baycruise ¥200 off for adults
¥50 off for children
21. boh boh kobe 30% off and free entry to priority zone
22. Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens 20% off
23. Kobe Lampwork Glass Museum 25% off
24. MOSAIC Big Ferris Wheel ¥100 off MOSAIC Ferris wheel ride
(MOSAIC gondola only)
25. Kitano Meister Garden Special offers available at each factory
26. Manyo Club Kobe Adults: ¥2,090 (incl. tax) Mon–Fri
Adults: ¥2,310 (incl. tax) weekends and public holidays
27. Kobe Minato Onsen Ren 3x25g complimentary packs of hot spring essence
for each day trip visitor
28. Sorakuen Garden 10% off
29. eSPARKLe KOBE Free use of e-sports facilities for 30 minutes
30. felissimo chocolate museum Admission tickets: ¥800 for adults ¥300 for children (Reservation required)