1. Himeji Castle
Exploring the castle town on foot

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Registered as one of the first UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Japan and also designated a national treasure, Himeji Castle is Japan's most famous fortress.
It is also known as White Egret Castle because of its brilliant white exterior and supposed resemblance to a bird taking flight.
Sitting atop a small hill in the center of town, its dominating and graceful appearance is breathtakingly beautiful.

Get a glimpse about Himeji Castle

About Himeji Castle

Take a walk around the castle town

What is a castle town?
A castle town is a type of town in Japan that developed around the castle where a feudal lord usually resides, but even though they emerged during Japan's Warring States period (1467–1615), their appearance and functions have continued to change with the times.
We recommend walking around Himeji to see first-hand the traces of this once-bustling castle town still evident here and there.

The sightseeing loop bus is a convenient way to see most of the sights situated in the vicinity of Himeji Castle.


Himeji Castle Loop Bus Route


Himeji Castle Loop Bus One-day Ticket

Getting to Himeji Castle from Kobe

Transportaion:JR / Shinkansen
Travel Time: 60 mins (one-way)


Places a bit further afield of Himeji

Koko-en, the garden of a former samurai residence
This Japanese garden, situated nearby Himeji Castle, comprises nine different gardens each with its own charm.
You can enjoy a meal whilst admiring the seasonal colors of the flowers and trees, as well as a view of the tea rooms and garden scenery.
Get a glimpse about Koko-en
Highlights of Kokoen Garden, Himeji, Japan

Take a Shinki Bus from the north exit of Himeji Station and get off at Himeji Castle Otemon-mae. It is a five-minute walk from there.
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Shoshazan Enkyoji Temple
Shoshazan Engyoji Temple is an old Buddhist temple situated at the top of Mt. Shosha, at an altitude of 371 meters.
A ropeway can whisk you to the top in only four minutes, where you will find yourself in another world.
Here you can submit yourself to the practice of Zen meditation in the comfortable silence of the temple grounds.
The temple is the location of filming for The Last Samurai.

Take a Shinki Bus bound for Mt. Shosha Ropeway from Himeji Station and get off at the last stop. (Travel time: about 30 minutes.)
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The Mt. Shosha Ropeway
The Mt. Shosha Ropeway provides access to Shoshazan Engyoji Temple.
Enjoy a 4-minute aerial walk and get a breathtaking view from the summit!

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Getting to Himeji Castle from Kobe via Shoshazan Enkyoji Temple

Transportation: JR/Shinkansen and local bus
Travel Time: approx.100mins(one-way)

  • JR Sannomiya Station

    Fare: 990 yen(one-way)
    For JR Pass holders, please take a Shinkansen from Shin Kobe Station to Himeji

  • JR Himeji Station
    Himeji Station(North Exit) Bus Terminal Platform #10

    Local bus
    *Mt. Shosha Ropeway Package Ticket is available(see below)

  • The Mt. Shosha Ropeway

    Local bus

  • Himeji Castle Otemon Gate/Kokoen Garden

    A 3-minute walk

  • Himeji Castle

Mt. Shosha Ropeway Package Ticket
Ticket includes:
1. Round-trip bus ticket from Himeji Station to Mt. Shosha Ropeway.
2. Mt. Shosha Ropeway round-trip ticket: Base station to summit.
Adults: 1,700 yen/Children 850 yen